New Zealand cancelled, Turkey next planned WRC event

by | Nov 16, 2020 | WRC

Rally Finland organizers

AKA Sport said that there are too many risks to get ready for the event scheduled for August.

So, they have to cancel.

“The calendar of WRC includes country due to the pandemic situation on public events will continue after July delayed to 2021 on whether current restrictions assessed.

As like, the improper knowledge and how foreign participants, can the observer will travel to Finland safely as they could do earlier.”

New Zealand CEO Michael Goldstein said:

“International travel became clear. They deserved 70th-anniversary celebrations in an amazing atmosphere and our borders closed.

The logistics required to host thousands of international visitors great spirits together with the challenge and guide as well as our long-term and new partners.”

” I’m sure the motorists would want to become back on its iconic stages or discover them for the first time.

The event has a strong WRC heritage.WRC Promoter boss Oliver Ciesla recently suggested to Motorsport.

com that he was confident of at least four more events taking place this year.

On the calendar on September 24-27, Rally Turkey is now the next event, although Rally Argentina and Rally Italy.

Rally New Zealand postponed this week because preparations for the rally have complete almost.

Being a part of the World Rally Championship is not having the chances of September 2020 also.

He said that –

Covid-19, other uncertainties are affecting this decision together with the progress that we are not aware of it. Organizers looked at postponing the event to later in the year.

FIA World Rally Championship as Rally Finland has to canceled officially with an announcement within 48 hours.

Rally Finland is the latest to join the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship’s (WRC) casualty list.

New Zealand  Rally canceled and, only six rallies left on the 2020 schedule.

COVID-19 pandemic put the season on hold except for the three – Monte Carlo, Sweden, and Mexico – that took place before.

By reducing the number of cases the advancements in Europe and hence we can make it new.

The Rally Finland joins Kenya, Chile, and Portugal in the 2020 WRC revocation list due to COVID-19 as the August 4-6 event has been officially delayed to the 2021 season.

The decision to cancel Rally Finland was already in the minds of organizers AKK Sports as they are last-minute changes.

The 70th anniversary to 2021, it was the safe idea was then to defer.

At the same time, race director Kai Tarkiainen added:

“Unfortunately, We support the cancellation and instigate the postponement of the event, for the safety of the nation.

Our professional organization already committed to this year’s event and have done so along and, we like to thank our dedicated volunteers who come along to help in such great.

We are already looking ahead to the rally Motorsport.

New Zealand and, the organizing team has done fantastic work so far and taking place shortly.” since last autumn – we will get up from this, we will be new next year.”

For now, Rally Turkey (September 24-17), Rally Germany (October 15-18), Rally Wales GB (October 29 – November 1), and Rally Japan (November 19-22) remains on schedule – however, the Japanese also can be canceled.

The fourth World Rally Championship round to get them as Rally New Zealand has become. It also comes just a day after August’s Rally. Finland canceled in two parts of the rally, including Chile, Portugal, and Kenya, in the list of canceled 2020 events. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael Goldstein is CEO of NewZealand stated:

“It became clear that with our borders closed to international travel and the logistics required to host thousands of international visitors as part of the World Rally Championship, that the September 2020 date was not practical.

“Over the last 12 months, our team has done a lot of work to be ready to host a WRC event.

“We were all excited to see New Zealand reclaim its place in the FIA World Rally Championship in 2020 after a seven-year absence. We are naturally sad that we will not be able to go there this year,” said FIA rally director Yves Matton.

“The event has a strong WRC heritage that I am accepting the drivers would be back on its iconic stage have loved or discovered them for the first time.

Rally Turkey is now the next event on the calendar on 24-27 September, although Rally Argentina and Rally Italy, which previously postponed, have not been given new dates yet.

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