Red Bull will look outside academy if it drops Alon

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Formula 1

Christian Horner is a boss of Red Bull, has demonstrated that the Formula 1 team will look further at its pool of drivers and if Alex Albon stands not ready to uphold in 2021.

Alexander Albon Ansusinha is a Thai-British racing driver who has endured a tough and challenging first full campaign with Red Bull in 2020 and has yet to out-qualify Verstappen. He is taking only 64 points to the Dutchman’s 147.

Regardless, Helmut Marko is chief of Red Bull motorsport that indicated recently that the Albon with one of its established drivers can replace by the leading team and would look elsewhere.

Looking at outside options for the position, the mates have before it discussed to Nico Hulkenberg behind Albon had an inconclusive COVID test before the Eifel GP, and it considered that a reserve driver could require. In the end, Albon proceeded fit and,  not demanded by Hulkenberg.

Sergio Perez is also appealing to the team, given the commercial backing that he brings.

Aston Martin’s title sponsorship next year would lose by RBR.

By keeping Albon is the team’s priority in emphasizing Horner, but he has to acquire the drive.

“So that’s our focus.

That’s our objective.

As I say, it is a popular member of the team.

But we require at least two cars nearer concurrently to battle the Mercedes, and that’s what we’ve got to do.

That’s our target.”

RBR Asked to take an AlphaTauri driver If Albo to be left.

Horner’s reply was comprehensible.

I believe AlphaTauri Scuderia Honda is an Italian Formula One racing team and constructor are bringing a hole with their motorists.

As I say, our preference is very much towards Alex.

We have characteristics and, well-performed drivers are there that could be the cause for the unemployment for the next year.

Red Bull has not fielded a non-academy driver in its team since Mark Webber’s departure at the end of 2013,

with Daniel Ricciardo, Daniil Kvyat, Verstappen, Pierre Gasly, and Albon all promoted from Toro Rosso.

AlphaTauri driver earning a second shot and says an outsider would be conducted in it if it opts to dispense with Albon.

Horner hinted that Red Bull own given Albon the next two events to prove his worth.

I believe and particularly Imola with a sturdy weekend from start to finish.

If Alex Albon is no retained in 2021, then Horner has confirmed that the Formula 1 team will look outside its pool of drivers.

The future of Albon has been a matter of assumption all season after he has blundered to match the pace of teammate Max Verstappen.

Having tried Daniil Kvyat, Gasly, and Albon, Red Bull is now seriously considering various approaches and scrutinizing outside for a more conventional name

who would score points regularly and contribute to a challenge for the constructors’ championship.

Red Bull’s preference is very much Alex,

But he has to earn the drive highlighted by Horner.

We might prefer Alex Proclaim to their seat and should demonstrate that is no reached towards corresponding the other alternative said by him.

Everyone tried to unite as a team and want to do and achieve it.

“There’s no one unrestricted that we would look but when to have to review at a manifold reason, then apparently,

look to put in.

we might have to examine external of the Red Bull pool of drivers.

It handled fancy at Mugello he was forming to turn the corner then on, had some of the inauspicious weekends, they have to regain here.

He also cited the need for a strong performance at Imola, opening up the intriguing possibility that Albon is up against a deadline.

He suggested to Alex that space and there is no condition to look at any other for upgrading but, then also they did that.

“All the members of the teams want to see him and do for it. And it felt like in Mugello it was starting to turn a corner and so on.

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