Rossi: Yamaha ‘in a lot of trouble’

by | Nov 19, 2020 | MOtoGP

Valentino Rossi conceded Yamaha is currently in “a lot of trouble” following another tough weekend in the European Grand Prix where its M1’s struggled for speed.

Illegal valves in its machines during the season-opening Spanish GP at Jerez Yamaha’s weekend formed poorly after being deprived of 50 constructors points due to being found guilty of running.

All four of its riders then suffered a lack of raw speed all weekend, Franco Morbidelli securing its highest grid spot in ninth before finishing as the highest M1 in a lowly 11th despite an impartially high attrition rate.

After the Covid-19 Rossi making a plan to return to its competition have to clue to the situation because after this may, Michelin spec-tires work not Since the French GP contracting nearly a month.

Rossi said on Sunday – We know that in this track, we have to deal with it because here it’s most consequential not so protracted mislaid its way-despite Morbidelli.

Within Yamaha, the motor company admitting that it is not so easy the marque is struggling to understand winning the previous race at Aragon.

“We are trying to increase the speed and wanted to fix up these problems this weekend.

We are trying to land it on the ground with the highest speed and, the difference of our motor engines in the top speed is huge, difficult to manage,”

compared to us.

We push a lot to improve the situation, but also this year’s condition is very similar.Already last year it was like this, and nobody makes mistakes and, if you look at the performance of Morbidelli, he’s having a fantastic season.

On Friday afternoon, Yamaha revealed that Viñales had exhausted his season’s supply of five engines, due to valve problems suffered from the engine factory’s first batches Yamaha arrives P9.

We know this time is challenging because the problems are the same as the previous years.

Valentino Rossi – contesting his 15th season with Yamaha’s M1 – agrees that something isn’t quite right.

To complete the season, which incurred t, he needed his sixth engine.

On Saturday evening, Rossi state that – We had a lot of expectations for the 2020 M1.

But, in reality, we didn’t make a big step. “The 2020 M1 isn’t very different and, it’s not a clear step forward,  and he won two races with the old bike.

“It looks like we don’t understand anything about the tires.

Incredibly, last time a Yamaha won with Franco, but here in Valencia, Yamaha has to try to understand the way to improve.

Rossi has long since called on Yamaha and, the penalty of starting Sunday’s race from the pitlane to took a step forward with its had changed in almost one year.

Vinales also conceded that Yamaha would be able to get back on terms with Honda and Ducati until it tests and new electronics solutions. Electronics and highlighted the fact that nothing in post-race testing at

“In the second half of the championship from Austria, unfortunately, we have this problem at different times.

In the end, we don’t fix and also was the same.

During the season anyway, I did some good races, but a lot of the time, we have a different problem for the next season.

I was not fast enough was in trouble, so we have to try better for next year.

The new bike is a bit different, so we need to work to understand all the potential.

The bike with new tires is good, also for the time attack.

But we if and it ion the speed in the straight.

“We have some different things because we changed the chief mechanic.

So, these two tests will also be a crucial need to understand the way to work in the team. And after we expect something new from Yamaha, especially about the engine but all the restat the other tracks and work.

On the conditions, Rossi continued: “Now the conditions were very much at the limit to make a motorcycle race. Because also now it is worse than yesterday, the pace is better at the end of the race.

From Tuesday, We are planning to restart this for a better outcome of the competition and will try to fix it all for the next year.

But I was a lot faster and, I feel not the pace to win the race but comfortable in 1m 31s.


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